Rotisserie Lamb Shoulder with MEATER

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Lamb shoulder has more flavour and is easier to cook than other parts of the lamb. It’s virtually foolproof, takes minimal effort, and is so freaking tender that you could even use your hands to carve it (maybe don’t do that though). Basically, there is absolutely no way you could mess up this cook, especially since you are using MEATER. Everyone will think you are a lamb CHEF.
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A Meal Fit For A Queen | Mother’s Day with MEATER

Cooking a meal is a gift from the heart and it’ll be better than any restaurant. But don’t sweat it, MEATER is here to help! Cook her NY steak over low heat (250F) and then reverse sear it for that signature crust. The Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer will let you know when it’s cooked just the way she likes it.
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100K Followers Giveaway

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Holy smokes, y’all, we DID IT! We landed on the moon! Oops, I mean… we hit 100K Instagram followers! 🥳 There hasn’t been as strong and loyal a following since Quentin Tarantino’s rise to stardom and we are beyond ecstatic you’ve joined us on our meatventures. To celebrate this momentous milestone, we’re having our biggest. giveaway. EVER! 🎉
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