Ancho Espresso Ribeye Recipe | MEATER

Ancho Espresso Ribeye
Before you think about seasoning your steak with salt and pepper, give this ancho espresso rub a try. Once you take a bite, the combination of earthy, smoky, and bold flavors is going to rock your world. 😎
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Tom Colicchio’s Spiced Orange Herb Pekin Duck | MEATER

Tom Colicchio's recipe perfectly captures and enhances the flavors and texture of duck. The umami flavors will fill your home with the delicious aroma of fresh herbs, orange essence, and irresistible duck fat. Trust us when we say the duck is SO good. Your guests will be impressed, and it'll have them quackin' for more.
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Air Fryer Miso Mayo Sesame Salmon | MEATER

Just when you think MEATER couldn't make cooking easier, we give you this air fryer salmon recipe. Super simple, super savory, super addicting. It's better than any Emily Mariko salmon TikTok. This salmon recipe will actually make you say, "Miso hungry."
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