Reducing Our Carbon Footprint with Ecologi | MEATER

We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to nature so we can preserve the beauty this world has to offer. So we’ve teamed up with Ecologi, a UK based company dedicated to funding climate projects. 

Since their launch in June 2019, Ecologi has planted over 60 million trees, has avoided 2.5 million tonnes of CO2e, and has a variety of ongoing projects throughout the world, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reforesting heavily affected regions, and green energy initiatives.

We started working with Ecologi in September 2020, and in that time, we’ve planted 16,727 trees and helped distribute 300,000 fuel efficient stoves in Honduras. We elected to work with these two initiatives as they are both near and dear to our hearts. We use bamboo in our chargers because it’s a renewable resource in the fight against deforestation. We also know that cooking is a universally uniting language and efficient stoves help to eliminate high emission wood burning stoves that contribute to deforestation and decreased air quality.

We are happy to be doing our part to conserve and reduce. And when you support our company by using MEATER products, you’re doing your part too! So thank you for supporting us so we can support great organizations like Ecologi. 

If you’d like to find out how your company can participate in Ecologi’s energy and conservation efforts, visit https://ecologi.com/ for more information.

Ecologi, the new name for Offset Earth | Ecologi