MEAT Log 01: Why MEATER Made Me Swear Off Steakhouses For Good

Cook A Restaurant Quality Steak At Home With MEATER

Pictured below are two cuts of sirloin steak. Both are prepared medium-rare, and are as juicy as they are tender. Here’s the question: which one of these steaks was grilled by a professional chef, and which one did we cook up on our office grill?

A restaurant quality steak should be perfectly seared, delectably juicy, and, most importantly, cooked to your exact doneness specification. However, in our research, we found that many of the “high-quality” steaks we received at restaurants failed to live up to these standards.  More than a few restaurants presented us with gray, unappetizing cuts of meat, followed by a check that often exceeded $50 a person.

While going out to eat can be fun, restaurant bills can start to rack up, and there’s no guarantee that the New York strip steak you order will come out the way you envisioned. Until recently, people were forced to choose between spending hours in the kitchen mastering difficult cooking techniques, or forking over fistfulls of dollars to have their dinners prepared by qualified professionals.

At Apption Labs, we know that not everyone is a master chef, and that all too often, there is something terribly lacking between what we hunger for and what we can cook on our own. With MEATER, you can get repeatable, restaurant quality results at home for a fraction of the cost.

Currently the best wireless meat thermometer available, MEATER’s innovative Guided Cook system walks you through every step of the cooking process, from grilling to resting. Simply select the cut of meat you wish to cook, then decide on what degree of doneness you like, and MEATER’s algorithms will calculate an estimated cook time based on the cut’s internal temperature.

Follow the step by step Guided Cook instructions on the MEATER app to produce steaks done exactly as you like them every time!


Order MEATER today to use at your next dinner party, and your friends won’t believe that the food they’re tasting came from your grill or oven!

If you want a steak that’s just as delicious looking as the one pictured above, check out our cooking tutorials:

P.S. If you’re still wondering which of the two steaks were cooked by us, the answer is the right steak. Although both steaks were tasty, the #meatermade steak required a fraction of the time and money required to procure the restaurant cooked steak.

Start cooking with the best digital cooking thermometer on the market today, so you too can refine your skills and start preparing restaurant quality steaks for a fraction of the time and cost.