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How to Smoke A Pork Butt

Slow cook your pork until it’s falling apart with the help of MEATER Plus!


1. Coat pork butt in your favorite seasoning

2. Insert your MEATER probe into the pork. Make sure to follow our insertion instructions, to maximize accuracy.

3. Set up a custom cook, and specify 203°F (95°C) as the target temperature. Make sure your cook is set up before you place your pork in the smoker!

4. Set the following 3 alerts:

  • Set a custom temperature alert for when the pork’s internal temperature rises above 160°F (71°C.) When your cook reaches this temperature, you’ll want to remove your pork from the smoker and wrap it in foil (AKA a texas crutch) to power through the temperature stall. (NOTE: It’s possible that your pork butt’s internal temperature will stall before it reaches 160°F. Keep an eye on your cook’s graph in the app. If it starts to level out, it’s time for foil!)
  • Set another custom temperature alert so that you’ll be notified if the ambient temperature of your cook falls below 200°F (93°C.) This way, you’ll know when you need to add more charcoal to your cook.
  • Set one more custom temperature alert that will remind you to remove your pork butt from heat when the internal temperature reaches 198°F (92°C) so that it can finish cooking while resting.

5. Fill 1/2 of your charcoal tray with coals. Add wood for additional flavor (we like applewood.) Leave the second half of the tray empty, so that you can add the hot coals later. We also placed a brick on one side of the coals, so that they light “snake style” rather than all at once.

6. (OPTIONAL) Depending on the model of smoker you’re cooking with, you may be able to add a dish of hot water just above the heat source. This will keep the inside of the smoker humid, preventing your meat from drying out, and helps keep the smoker temperature from getting too hot.

7.  Add your hot coals to the second half of your tray and place additional wood on top.

8. Place your pork butt in the smoker, then start your cook.

9. Thick smokers can sometimes limit Bluetooth range, so we recommend that you enable MEATER Link to boost your signal to WiFi. This way, you can monitor your cook from afar!

10. When the app alerts you that your cook has reached 160°F, remove your pork butt from the smoker, and wrap it in tin foil. Make sure to poke a hole for the MEATER probe to stick out, or you’ll limit your signal!

11. Before you seal up the foil, add a little apple juice for extra flavor.

12. Place your foil-wrapped pork butt in a hot oven (any temperature above 225°F will work) so that it can finish cooking. (NOTE: While you can bring your pork butt to 198°F in a smoker, we are finishing our pork butts in the oven. This way, we don’t need to constantly monitor the temperature of our cooker, and the smokey flavor should already be infused at this point.)

13. When the app alerts you that the cook has reached 198°F, remove the foil-wrapped pork butt, and place it in a “faux Cambro” to rest for approximately 2 hours. This allows the meat to continue cooking in its own juices, maximizing tenderness. We created our faux cambro using a cooler and some beach towels.

14. When your pork butt is done resting, remove the foil and start pulling!

Happy cooking!

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