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Get ready to take the stress out of your Christmas dinner with these six essential tips for a hassle-free holiday feast! Remember, it’s okay to stick to the classics and cook what you love—this is the season of joy, after all. Here at MEATER, we’re all about optimizing your cooking time in the kitchen and your time with your family. We have all the best recommendations listed here for a stress-free and delicious Christmas celebration!

1. Plan your cooking around the amount you are cooking and the size of your kitchen

First, you’ll need to plan and prep in accordance with the space of your kitchen and the number of dishes you are cooking. If you have multiple ovens, you will have more freedom to cook more items in a shorter period of time. If you only have one oven, you’ll need to plan out which dishes will be being prepared in the oven at different times. You can also use multiple probes in your meat dishes to keep track of their cook times. The MEATER Block is a great option for utilizing multiple probes at once!

2. Write out a time plan of your cooking

We recommend writing out a time plan to keep your cooking on schedule and stress-free. Spreading out your cooking over the course of a couple days before the big day will also help reduce your stress and give you more time to enjoy yourself. You got this, we believe in you! The MEATER App will automatically provide you with a timer for cook completion when inserted into your protein of choice.

3. Cook what you like to cook

Don’t feel pressured to cook new and fancy recipes that will just make you question your amazing cooking skills. You should be having fun while making your dishes – so cook what makes you happy. After all, this is the season of joy and holiday cheer! You’ll especially love our recipes in MEATER Master Class, which provide in-depth recipes and step-by-step video instructions for your use – it’s so easy.

4. Follow easy and helpful recipes

The recipes you cook can make or break your holiday cheer… and we definitely want you to make your holiday cheer brighter! Fun, easy, and simple is just what you need, so check out these recipes we recommend!

    1. Christmas Goose Recipe
    2. Perfect Christmas Ham Roast
    3. Smoked Turkey Legs
    4. Sirloin Steak And Red Wine Pan Sauce
    5. Truffle Butter Cornish Hen

5. Use your MEATER products to make life easier

It’s really the best kept secret to a smooth, easy, and stress-free cooking experience! There is no need to constantly run around checking temperatures and estimating cook times when MEATER just does all of the work for you. You can easily check your cook temperatures while getting other tasks done (or relaxing!) around the house via the MEATER App. Especially with the new MEATER 2 Plus, you have a longer range, you can cook your meats up to 1000°F (550°C), and you can just pop the probe in the dishwasher for easy cleanup!

6. Charge your MEATER

Charge your MEATER and update the app the night before you cook your meats! You should make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app and check to see if any of your MEATER devices require any firmware updates. For the earlier generations – the Original MEATER, the MEATER Block, and the MEATER Plus – you should charge your MEATER the night before you begin cooking. If you’re using the all-new MEATER 2 Plus, you don’t have to charge it as early in advance – the new fast charging feature is a game changer! Charging your MEATER 2 Plus for 30 minutes will give you a full charge and 24+ hours of cooking time.

We’d love to see how your MEATERmade Christmas dinner turns out!

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Have the most wonderful and delectable holiday season!

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