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Hosting a super Game Day Party requires a winning game plan. Start by creating a spirited atmosphere with team colors and football-themed decor. Elevate the experience with a diverse spread of game-day dishes, interactive entertainment, and a well-curated beverage selection. From a team spirit dress code to post-game awards, incorporating these tips ensures your game day gathering is an unforgettable touchdown for all your guests!

1. Create a winning atmosphere!

Set the stage for an unforgettable Game Day Party by decking out your space in team colors, banners, and football-themed decorations. Add festive touches like team pennants, jerseys, and football-shaped snacks to immerse your guests in the game day spirit. You can’t forget the food, of course – cook delicious game day dishes and snacks for your guests!

2. Plan your cooking around: 1) the number of guests you will have attending your game day party and 2) the amount you are cooking!

You’ll need to plan and prep around the size of your party and the size of your party space. Where will you be placing the dishes while the game is being watched? What types of dishes will you guests enjoy? If you’re looking to make multiple dishes at the same time, you can also use multiple MEATER probes in your meat dishes to keep track of their cook times! The MEATER Block is a great option for using multiple probes all at the same time.

3. Follow fun and exciting recipes to wow your guests!

The dishes you make can determine whether or not your party will be a winner… or if you’ll be taking the L. We definitely want your party to bring home that W! Check out these recipes we recommend!

  1. Thor’s Hammer Birria Tacos
  2. Jalapeño & Pepperoncini Dust Chicken Strips
  3. BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

4. Use your MEATER products to make life smoother!

MEATER is definitely the best kept secret to a smooth, easy, and stress-free cooking experience! There is no need to estimate cook times on your own when MEATER just does all of the work for you. You can easily check your cooking temperatures, estimated time remaining, and how long to rest your meat while watching the big game via the MEATER App. Especially with the new MEATER 2 Plus, you have an extended range of 250 ft, you can cook your meats up to 1000°F, and you can just pop the probe in the dishwasher after use!

6. Prize-worthy predictions!

Turn the game into a friendly competition by having guests make predictions before kickoff. Create a list of potential game outcomes, and have guests submit their guesses. Award prizes to those with the most accurate predictions, keeping the competitive spirit alive throughout the event. Some potential outcomes to award prizes for include: whether the coin toss is head or tails, the final score of each quarter, and even the color of the energy drink poured after the game.

6. Encourage a team spirit dress code!

Encourage your Game Day Party guests to show off their team allegiance by incorporating a fun dress code. Whether it’s jerseys, face paint, or team-themed accessories, a spirited dress code adds an extra layer of camaraderie and excitement to your game day gathering.

7. Charge your MEATER!

Charge your MEATER and update the app before you cook! You should make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app and check to see if any of your MEATER devices require any firmware updates. For the earlier generations – the Original MEATER, the MEATER Block, and the MEATER Plus – you should charge your MEATER the night before you begin cooking. If you’re using the all-new MEATER 2 Plus, you don’t have to charge it as early in advance – the new fast charging feature is a game changer! Charging your MEATER 2 Plus for 30 minutes will give you a full charge and 24+ hours of cooking time.

We’d love to see how your MEATERmade Game Day Party turns out!

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Have the most super-fun game day party ever!

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