Rasheed’s Perfect Prime Rib

No matter what time of the year it is, you want to impress your guests with a dish that’s going to leave them begging for more. We want that for you too! Actually, we want your dish to be so dang good that someone starts licking the plate. 👅 If you want that kind of dinner, Rasheed’s got your back with this amazing prime rib recipe! It’s perfect for picky guests, because they ain’t going to have ANYTHING bad to say about this.

Frenched 4-bone prime rib
1 Stick of unsalted butter
1 Lemon
1 Bunch of fresh thyme
2 Fresh rosemary stems
2 Garlic knobs
Black pepper

135°F – Medium rare

Smoker (preferred, but oven is okay)
Sharp knife
Lemon squeezer

~40 minutes/lb but don’t worry, MEATER will let you know. 😉

1. Low and slow is obviously the way to go. Set your smoker or oven to 225°F! Rasheed likes to run his smoker/oven hotter than the recipe calls for so that when he opens/closes the appliance, he doesn’t lose too much heat or has to fight to get the temperature back up. Wanna try this out? Set your appliance to 250°F, but once the meat is settled in the oven/smoker, bring the temperature down to a steady 225°F for the remainder of the cook. 

2. Take out your butter so it can get to room temp! While that’s softening, de-stem the fresh rosemary and fresh thyme. Then add garlic and lemon zest (waaaay easier than chopping). Juice the entire lemon so we get a nice tangy twist! Once you’ve got all that, go ahead and mix it with the should-now-be mushy butter! Add salt and pepper to taste, but be careful not to use too much salt because you’re still going to salt the prime rib itself!

3. Grab your prime rib and sharp knife. Now remove any silver skin or pieces of fat that are barely holding on for dear life. You want to remove the least amount of fat possible, because fat is what keeps a cut of meat this size so juicaaaay. Occasionally rub around the meat in between this process, to ensure there are no bone fragments that could surprise your guests! This ain’t the Flintstones.

4. Now use your sharp knife to create 2-3 in. incisions above and between each bone! The easiest way to do this is to make a plus-sign like cut, then poke your finger through the incision to make a deep enough pocket to stuff some of the butter mix! Make sure you don’t poke too deep because when the meat swells, it could push out all the delicious stuffing you worked so hard to get!

5. Take any leftover garlic nuggets you have, peel them, then insert 1 into each pocket you just (intimately) made! Push deep enough so that you have room to then insert the butter spread!

6. Once you’re done stuffing the pockets with garlic and the butter mix, lightly score the exterior of the prime rib. This is crucial for MAXIMUM flavor-explosion. Then salt and pepper your prime rib to your liking!

7. Generously rub the butter mix ALL OVER the prime rib. Kind of like how you would cover up with sunscreen on a hot summer day. Make sure you’ve got a nice, even coat all over the meat! Key word: even. Your prime rib should be unrecognizable now ’cause it’s so covered!

8. Insert the MEATER Plus probe into the center of the thickest part of the prime rib. Then set up the cook on the app with a target internal temperature of 135°F for a perfect medium rare. Then put it in your oven/smoker! Make sure you bring down your appliance to 225°F if you had originally set it a bit higher. Don’t want to dry out that buttered beauty.

9. You see how big that prime rib is? Go take a nap, or workout, or make some dranks ‘cause this will take a few hours. Baste the prime rib every 30 minutes with butter to make sure we get the juiciest prime rib everrr! The app will alert you when the meat is ready to remove from heat!

10. Hopefully the MEATER alert didn’t scare you! Sometimes we do so many other things while we wait for MEATER to alert us, that we forgot we were cooking at all! Remove your prime rib from the appliance and let it rest till MEATER tells you it’s absolutely done! 

11. FINALLLLYYYYY! Remove the probe and then it’s time to slice the prime rib and eat!

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