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Ready to kick off an amazing dinner? This is the recipe you’re looking for. The American Barbecue Showdown‘s very own Rasheed Philips has created tri-tips with a Mexican spicy twist and a slight hint of coffee that makes your taste buds dance. If you want to make everyone’s taste palates go wild, you’ve got to make this recipe.

Dijon mustard
2 tri-tips
2-3 tbsp Mexican oregano
2-4 tbsp ground coffee
3 tbsp of salt
1 tbsp of cayenne pepper
1 tbsp of Mexican chili
1 tbsp of dehydrated jalapeño
¼ cup of black pepper

135°F – juicy, medium rare


MEATER will let you know 😉

1. Use the sharpest knife you have and trim some fat off the tri-tips, but leave a little on there for extra juicy flavor! A little fat never hurt nobody, it actually makes everything better.

2. Once the tri-tips are trimmed to your liking, grab dijon mustard and massage it into the tri-tips. The mustard will act as a binder for the seasoning in the next step, so we don’t lose any of that goodness.

3. Next, mix together the Mexican oregano, ground coffee, salt, cayenne pepper, Mexican chili, dehydrated jalapeño, and black pepper. Then, generously season your tri-tips and be sure you get in on all those crevices!

4. Insert the probe into the center of the thickest part of the meats and set up the cook in the app. Rasheed likes to set up the cook after placing the meat in the smoker (which is perfectly fine) but we recommend setting up the cook beforehand! We recommend an internal target temperature of 135°F for the perfect medium rare, but you can change this to your liking. 

5. It’s finally time to get these tri-tips cookin’! If you’re cooking on a ceramic grill, cook low and slow over indirect heat. You can place the cuts over deflector plates so that nothing is directly over the fire! If you’re cooking with a smoker, set it to 300°F and you’re all good!

6. The app will notify you once it is time to remove from heat, so sit back and relax as you wait. No need to constantly check!

7. Once you get notified to remove the tri-tips from heat, let them rest until MEATER says it’s time to eat. Remember to leave the probes in while they’re resting so MEATER can continue to monitor the internal temperature while they’re resting!

8. Finally, twist and pull the probes out with ease. It’s time to slice, serve, and enjoy!

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