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How to Pair Probes 3 & 4 to Your 2 Probe MEATER Block

  1. Place your shiny new Probes 3 & 4 in your 2-Probe MEATER Block.
    Pro(be) tip: insert the pointed end to the curved end of the slot first, then slide the square ambient end onto the metal charging plate.
  2. With the Block OFF, let the probes charge for 8+ hours.
  3. After charging, turn the Block on and select either WiFi or Standalone mode.
  4. Press the Settings button (the gear icon) and scroll up/down to “Probe Pairing” then tap the center “O” to confirm.
  5. When the “Pair Probes?” option appears, tap “Yes”.
  6. Wait for the check marks to appear so the probes pair to your MEATER Block.
  7. Grab those steaks from the fridge and start cookin’!

*NOTE: If your MEATER Block does NOT have the “Probe Pairing” option, you may need to update the firmware on your Block. Connect the Block to your WiFi via the app and you’ll be prompted to update the firmware.