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How To Improve the Bluetooth Range of Your Wireless MEATER

Use these tips to maximize your wireless range!

While MEATER devices have an estimated Bluetooth wireless range of 30 feet (10m), this is based on line-of-sight testing scenarios. In the real world, there are a number of factors that can impact a Bluetooth device’s range, from the metal cover of the grill or oven, to the number and thickness of the walls in your house. Even the type of smartphone you’re using can have an affect on your wireless distance.

These issues are not as straightforward as they may seem, so we made a list of our top tips and tricks you can use to boost your MEATER probe’s wireless range to its full potential:

Since your phone or tablet needs to be able to receive the signals that MEATER is sending to it, device placement is almost as important as probe placement. When monitoring a cook, it is best to stand your device up vertically, either with a commercial stand/dock or simply by propping it up.


Phone orientation diagram

Keeping your device vertical will produce a greater wireless range than if it’s left in a pocket or laying flat on a table. If your device must remain flat, make sure that it’s not resting on a metal surface, as this can have a negative effect on your device’s wireless performance.

If you’re cooking your meat close to the bottom of your oven, try raising the tray up a shelf to shorten the distance between the MEATER probe and your smartphone.

Devices that are encased in tinfoil can also experience a decrease in wireless range. If you’re cooking a cut of meat that needs to be wrapped in foil, try piercing a hole for your ambient antenna to protrude through. This minimizes the risk of the wireless signal being blocked by the foil, and should allow you to monitor your cook from further away.

MEATER antenna sticking through tin foil to increase range

It’s also important to consider the direction in which the signals leave the probe. RF signals are transmitted from the sides of the ambient tip of the probe, meaning that range will improve if you keep your device to the side of your MEATER.

Probe RF Pattern



If you’re looking to increase your range even more, you can use the MEATER Link feature to extend your wireless range over WiFi. All you need is a 2nd smart device (e.g. phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0) to give you more freedom. Follow this link to learn more.

Or, better yet, pre-order a MEATER Block. It is designed to connect your phone or tablet to MEATER Link without the aid of a second smart device. Check out it’s features here.

 Happy Cooking!