Celebrating MEATER’s Official Release!

All single MEATER orders ship immediately! Order now!

After years of hard work, we’re ecstatic to announce that our single unit MEATER is now widely available for purchase with immediate shipment. Thank you to all our loyal backers who helped make this day possible.

To celebrate the official release, we’re giving away a single MEATER to 5 lucky individuals.

To enter, log in below, then type your full name and email into the box. We’ll be selecting our winners at the end of the month, good luck!

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Eligibility: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN! This contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. If you live in a jurisdiction that prohibits giveaways, Apption Labs shall not be liable to you in any way, as your participation in this contest is purely voluntary and non-obligatory.

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