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Release 3.1.7

MEATER Academy Videos

As an add-on to our fancy new Quick Start Guide, we've also put in some new video tutorials. These quick little snippets will give you some tips on getting the best cooking experience, and keeping your MEATER device happy and healthy longer! Even after the app has been set up, these videos can be rewatched at any time by tapping the question mark icon in the lower left of your MEATER app Dashboard, then navigating to the "MEATER Academy" section.

Overall Improvements

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn't mean the cooking has to stop! We've tackled a few little bugs and made general improvements to keep you eating well all year round.

Release 3.1.0

New Quick Start Guide

We're always looking for ways to make your life easier, so we've redesigned the Quick Start Guide that users see when the app is first opened. If you ever need to reinstall the app for any reason, it'll be much easier to navigate through the guide and add existing devices!

Supported Version Change

We've made some changes to our supported OS versions, and the MEATER app will be supported on versions all the way back to iOS 12 and Android 8.

Overall Improvements

The holidays are upon us yet again! With that in mind, we want to make sure all of your big family meals go off without a hitch, so we've squashed a few bugs and made some small general improvements to the app.

Release 3.0.0

Estimate Alerts

The MEATER app will now send you a notification when your time estimate is ready!

Repeating Alerts

You can set custom alerts to repeat as often as you'd like!

Probe Clips

Select which probe clip you're using in the app so you can tell your steaks apart!

Dynamic Type Support

The MEATER app will now adjust its font size to match your smart device!

Critical Alerts Volume

You can adjust the volume of Critical Alerts within the app.

Overall Improvements

We've fixed a few bugs and made small improvements to ensure a worry-free cooking experience.

Release 2.10.0

Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch app has been one of the most frequent requests from our users, and it has finally arrived! Now you'll be able to monitor your cook progress right on your wrist!

Overall Improvements

With the holidays looming, we want to make sure that your MEATER experience is as smooth as possible! We've fixed a number of bugs and minor UI issues to keep you up and running for your holiday cooks.

Release 2.9.0

Block Firmware Update

With the MEATER Block's newest firmware update, the Block will be able to stay connected to the MEATER app while you're using your smart device for other things! Now you'll have more freedom during your cook, and won't need to worry about unnecessary interruptions.

New Safety Guide

Our product safety guides are now available on our website, so you'll be able to access them whenever you need to! That's one less piece of paper you need to keep around the house.

Overall Improvements

As always, we want to make sure your cooks with MEATER are as fun and easy as possible, so we've continued to do some basic maintenance to keep the good times rolling!

Bug Fixes

Halloween can be scary, but at least you don't need to be afraid of bugs taking over your app. We've done a few little bug fixes to keep your MEATER experience going smoothly!

Release 2.8.0

iOS 15 Support

A new iOS version is on the way! To make sure nothing interrupts your MEATER cooks, we've made sure your MEATER app will be able to support the new OS.

Android 12 Support

A new Android version is on the way! To make sure nothing interrupts your MEATER cooks, we've made sure your MEATER app will be able to support the new OS. Once this OS is released, we will be required to ask for Bluetooth permissions in order to keep you connected.

Bug Fixes

It's not even October, but bugs are already trying to bring the creep factor to your app. Fortunately, you can always count on our team to kick out any bugs that insist on celebrating the spooky season too early.

Release 2.7.0

Cook Notes Are Here!

One of our most frequent user wishes is finally coming true! Many of our MEATER cooks have requested the ability to leave notes about their cook details in the app, so we've now added that feature.

Dark Mode for Android!

Tired eyes with Android devices can join in the rejoicing! Dark Mode is now supported in our app for Android as well! You can switch between the modes within the settings menu of our app, but also with the choice to follow the automatic settings from your phone or tablet. Currently supported for Android 10 and above.

Expanded Cook Graph Views

If you prefer keeping an eye on your graph during your cook but don't want to keep switching screens to see your temperature readouts, we have great news for you! All of your temperature information will also be shown on your graph screen so that you can monitor everything you need in one place!

MEATER Cooks UI Updates

We've updated the MEATER Cooks section of our app to make it easier to navigate! You can now find even more cooking inspiration with a wider variety of recipe videos, and you can even search videos by the meat you'd like to cook.

Overall Improvements

Our main goal with MEATER is to make cooking easier and more fun, so our team is consistently working to make our app and our product the best they can be. We've done a bit more general maintenance to keep your MEATER working reliably!

Bug Fixes

Summer is here, and it's the favorite season of many bugs. Too bad for them, our team is always watching and getting rid of bugs that sneak into the app!

Release 2.6.0

New Cook Sharing Options

We've made some updates to our cook sharing feature so it's much more customizable. Now you can choose whether you want to share your photos, your graph, your cook details, or any combination of the three!

Overall Improvements

MEATER was designed to make cooking more fun and less of a hassle, and we're always trying to find new ways to make the experience even better. We've made some maintenance improvements to our app, and these will help to make your MEATER work even more smoothly during your cooks!

Bug Fixes

Bug catching is a classic springtime activity, and we wanted to get in on the fun. Our testing and customer support teams have caught a few bugs in our app (no net required!) and we've gotten them fixed.

Release 2.5.0

Repeater Placement

These new animations will help remove the confusion of where you should be leaving your MEATER Plus or MEATER Block repeater during your cooks.

New language Support? Czech!

Czech that one off the list (ok that's the last one). We've added Czech to our list of supported languages bringing MEATER to a total of 14 different languages worldwide!

Get Cooking Faster

Our quick start guide has been slimmed down and sped up so you can get to that perfect 12 hour brisket a few minutes faster.

Cook Feedback in App

We appreciate all of the cook feedback we get through email. It helps us prioritise our goals and fix our bugs. It's so useful that we've added it to the previous cook screen. Rate and leave feedback on cooks at your own pace.

Bug Fixes

More fixes across our app and web to help ensure Christmas cooks are free of trouble.

Release 2.4.0

Android Landscape Mode!

Since our app was first released, one of the most popular requests we've gotten has been Landscape Mode for Android. Now, the wait is officially over! Our app now supports Landscape Mode for Android tablets!

Dark Mode!

Tired eyes rejoice! Dark Mode is now supported in our app for iOS devices! You can switch between the modes within the settings menu of our app, but also with the choice to follow the automatic settings from your iPhone or iPad. Currently supported for iOS 13 and above.

Pork and Lamb Ribs Added

More meat for your MEATER: Pork and Lamb ribs have now been added to our selection of cut choices!

Bug Fixes

With Halloween behind us, bugs are no longer in season. We've fixed a number of UI bugs, as well as back end bugs.

Release 2.3.2

iOS 14 Support

iOS has a new release! With this means we have to ask for Local Network permissions to allow you to continue using the MEATER app as you did before! You can find out more about this and what it means in our FAQs.

MEATER Cloud Account Sync

You can now sync your MEATER Cloud login between your iOS devices, so you'll automatically be signed into your saved MEATER Cloud account between devices!

Now with Added Goat!

We love seeing the amazing variety of meats that our users are cooking with MEATER! To keep the creativity going, we've introduced Goat to our list of meats!

Bug Fixes

Bugs think they're so sneaky. Luckily, our team remains ever vigilant! We've resolved a number of issues around probes changing their parent connection device, as well as other UI issues.

Release 2.3.0

Dutch Language Support

We love seeing people all over the world cooking with MEATER, so we're constantly working to expand the list of languages supported by the app. Due to increasing demand, a Dutch language version of the MEATER app is now available! The more the merrier!

Critical Alerts Support

Taking the guesswork out of cooking is what MEATER is all about, and cook notifications are a big part of that, so we want to make sure you never miss one of them! By enabling critical alerts, your smart device will now trigger more frequently when your cook is ready to be removed from heat. This alert will go away once cleared or when the cook is in its resting phase.

MEATER Block Probe Pairing

We're always working on new ways to keep you connected and give you the most hassle-free cooking experience possible. If your MEATER Block loses power during your cook, the MEATER app will now automatically find and pair to the probes, so that you don't have to worry about gaps in your connection!

When the app detects that your MEATER Block is no longer connected, it will connect directly to your MEATER Block probes! Once the MEATER Block is back online, the app will automatically reconnect to the Block.

Custom Sound Settings

Our goal is to make your cooking experience not only easier, but more enjoyable as well! As requested, we've re-added custom alert sounds back into the app, so you can set sounds that works best for you!

Bug Fixes

We're continuously fixing bugs that may have crept into our app. This time, we focused on bugs with the "Previous Cooks" screen, as well as a few other User Interface issues!

Release 2.2.0

Added cook sharing mid cook and made it easier to access

Your friends and family are closer than you think. Connect and share your culinary creations no matter where you are!

New Insertion Animations

Correctly placing your MEATER probe can be tricky, so we added some helpful custom animations to the cook setup!

These animations show where and how to insert your MEATER probe specifically for the meat and cut you're cooking!

Added Danish / Norwegian / Swedish to the App

MEATER is making its way around the world, and the list of languages supported by our MEATER app is still growing! We received a lot of requests for Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish versions, so those languages have now been added!

Fixed a number of UI bugs

Real bugs are adorable! Software bugs are not. We've fixed several User Interface issues to ensure smooth sailing on your MEATER voyage!

Release 2.1.0

We've been working hard at Apption Labs to bring you exciting features and push the boundaries on what we can achieve with MEATER! In case you missed them, here are some of our new features from earlier this year:


Your friends and family are closer than you think. Connect and share your culinary creations no matter where you are!


Can't keep the excitement of a perfect cook to yourself? Share your awesome MEATER cooks on social media!

Use the new feature to show photos of your food, graph and result - just make sure you've cooked enough for everyone.

At any point during your cook, tap Share Cook" in the upper left corner of your cook graph screen and become the envy of your peers. You can even share your previous cooks.


You'll struggle to find a wider list of meat cuts than what the MEATER app now offers! From New York strip to picanha, haddock filet to lobster tail; MEATER now has over 180 different meat cuts categorized by meat type and shape (steak / roast / other).

We've also added a search function and refreshed the guided cook setup UI to ensure these new cuts blend seamlessly in with our simplified guided cook setup!


Whether you're unsure how your MEATER Plus is connected or want to check the battery level of your MEATER probe, there's now one easy place to check out all of the more technical details of the MEATER App.

"My Connections", found in the context menu, displays your cloud account, app version (and whether it's the latest), as well as details on all extenders and devices you have paired.

You can tap each device to get to its specific connection details page, where you will see connection diagrams for trouble shooting.


Everybody loves a great deal, and now you can get them from inside your MEATER app! Offers are now tailored specifically to you based on the MEATER products you own, as well as your cooking habits.

You'll find your personalized offers in the icon bar at the bottom of the MEATER app. When you have a new offer, you'll see a red notification dot.


Having an accurate and reliable meat thermometer is only useful if you know what temperature to aim for. The team at Apption Labs has scoured the internet for reputable sources of cooking genius and then tested them all.

We picked our favorite temperatures for over 100 meat cuts and created "MEATER Recommends," our target temperature preset for anyone not sure what temperature makes the most tender chicken breast or the juiciest rib-eye.


Your cooks are now synced to the MEATER Cloud! We have performed a major refactor of our previous cooks system; your cooks are no longer stored on a device by device basis.

If you sign in to your MEATER Cloud account (or register if you don't have one) all cooks from all of your devices will sync. If you cooked last Sunday's roast with your tablet and want to recreate it on your phone now you can; alerts and all.