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Instructional Videos

Introducing MEATER!

Setting up MEATER Cloud

Get to know your MEATER

Get to know your MEATER

How to pair the MEATER Probe

Get to know your MEATER

Setting up a Guided Cook

Setting up a Guided Cook

Setting up a Custom Cook

Setting up a Custom Cook

Custom time based alerts

Custom time based alerts

Custom temperature alerts

Custom temperature alerts

Setting up MEATER Link

Setting up MEATER Link

Safety Insertion Instructions

Setting up MEATER Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Safety has been our #1 priority from day 1!

    The sensor maximum temperature of 212°F (100°C) is based on practical cooking temperatures. We designed and chose components for the MEATER probe that can withstand temperatures higher than 212°F (100°C) to allow your smoked meats to hold @ 205°F (96°C). Should at any point, the MEATER probe begin to reach its true maximum temperature, the MEATER app will warn the user and send notifications to all connected smartphones and MEATER Block (if you have one).

    Also remember, your meat is completely ruined when it goes beyond 212°F (100°C). It means there is no moisture left at all. It is actually very difficult to do this as temperature tends to stall before the meat becomes completely dry and the temperature starts to rise again.

    A: Like the internal temperature sensor, the components used for the ambient temperature sensor can withstand temperatures higher than what is stated for safety reasons. One of the motivations behind MEATER was when we accidentally burned the wires of current solutions due to flare ups!

    The shaft of the MEATER probe is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of ceramic that can withstand very high temperatures. We ensure high heat searing of your steaks will not be a problem.

    And if you are worried about your meat, you can set a MEATER app notification if the ambient sensor detects a significant change in temperature (e.g. flare-up, etc.).

    A: 212°F (100°C).

    A: 527°F (275°C).

    A: In theory, a "Faraday Cage" will block RF signals from entering and exiting the cage. The good news is that BBQ grills, smokers, and ovens are not built or designed to be "Faraday Cages.

    A good "Faraday Cage" has no gaps, slots, and holes; Are usually made of thick conductive material and designed with as little individual parts/pieces as possible (i.e. every joining edge or corner between materials are spot welded, etc.).

    In reality BBQ grills, smokers, and ovens are anything but a "Faraday Cage." They have plenty of large air vents and gaps. If air and smoke can enter or exit your BBQ grill, smoker, and oven, then it'll be easy for 2.4GHz radio frequency to enter and exit through the same gaps and holes.

    One way to test is to place a Bluetooth enabled device (such as a speaker) inside your grill and test its connection with your smartphone."

    A: Yes! The MEATER app will automatically set the correct temperature scale based on your geographic region. But you can also change it to your preference in the settings menu.

    A: NO! Please do not use MEATER when microwaving as it will damage the appliance and product.

    A: MEATER will come with a 1 year limited warranty.

    A: Yes! In both the "Guided Cook" and "Custom Cook" you can manually select a target temperature. Additionally, you can customize alerts based on the rise and/or fall of the internal and/or ambient temperatures.

    A: The MEATER app will alert you if a connection drops. When you are back in range, it will automatically reconnect and update the MEATER app with the latest information. We recommend the MEATER Block if you need extended wireless range.

    A: The MEATER probe was designed to be water resistant so you don't need to worry about spills or rinsing it under running water. However, we do not advise putting it in the dishwasher. We recommend to clean MEATER probes by hand, the same way you would a kitchen knife.

    A: We are considering increasing compatibility to the Windows platform for future generations of MEATER.

    A: We are considering increasing compatibility to include Amazon Kindles.

    A: MEATER supports iOS 9.3 and higher. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    A: MEATER uses 1x AAA battery. MEATER Block uses 4x AA batteries.

    A: 1000+ cycles/usages.

    A: Nope, sorry! MEATER is not designed to be submerged in liquids.

    A: Yes. MEATER is water resistant (not waterproof) and should work as long as it is not immersed in liquids.

    A: Yes. Please hand-wash and clean with soapy water to remove the soot and dry completely before placing it back in the charger. Yum... smoked meats... TFTI.

    A: None. MEATER uses 1x AAA battery and MEATER Block uses 4x AA batteries. Batteries are included.

    A: No. Only tiny tiny tiny Apption Labs minions can access the inside of the probe to replace the battery.

    A: MEATER Link is a built-in app feature that extends your wireless range from Bluetooth to your WiFi network. It is not a hardware add-on. A second smart device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) compatible with the MEATER app is required for usage.

    A: Currently, we do not recommend using MEATER in sous vide cooking. MEATER is water resistant, but not waterproof. It is not designed to be immersed in liquids and there is a possibility the juices from the food may enter and damage the probe.

    A: Here are some tips to increase your Bluetooth range:

  • Prop/stand your smart device up (or on a dock). This will have better performance than having the smart device lying flat on a table or inside your pocket.
  • The RF signal of the MEATER probe radiates from the sides of the antenna, not at the tip. Place your smart device in the direction of the wireless signal.
  • Make sure the MEATER probe antenna tip is at least 2 inches (5cm) away from the wall of your grill, smoker, or oven.
  • Use MEATER Link or MEATER Cloud.
  • Try to avoid resting your phone or tablet on a metal surface.
  • A: We do not recommend using MEATER in a pressure cooker. The pressurized environment may force moisture into the probe and damage it.

    A: A fully charged probe will last over 24 hours. Feel free to take a nap.

    A: The button on the front of the charger is a battery check. If the LED lights green, your battery is A-OK. If it does not light, you'll need to replace the battery in the back. Please properly dispose your batteries!

    A: Currently, you won't be able to check the battery life, but you'll get a warning if you are starting a cook at less than 50%. At less than 20% battery life, it will have a low battery display.

    A: 2 hours to boost it back up to 80%.

    A: Android's system is designed that in order to discover Bluetooth devices nearby, Location Services must be enabled.

    A: You can view our return policy Here

    A: No, probe life will not shorten if it's left in the charger. The product is designed to be stored in the charger between uses, ready for use at any time.

    A: Our current version of MEATER does not have an API, but we will consider it for future generations of MEATER for you tech junkies. :)

    A: Not at all, the ambient sensor will only display a temperature as your meat begins to cook. Once the temperature drops to within 5c of the internal the value will be replaced with a '-' symbol.

    A: Only at first. In order to discover probes for the first time you will need to be on the same WiFi network as the 'master' device (the one connected via Bluetooth), after this you can use mobile data or different wireless networks without a problem.

    A: Don't panic, firstly make sure you have removed your probe from the charger before you attempt to scan for devices. If this isn't working check your charger, is the green led lighting up when you press the button? If no then it is time to change the battery!

    A: Unfortunately most household ovens don't manage to stay on the temperature you ask them too. From our research we've found that most ovens will have a curved temperature, going above and below your target temperature repeatedly, rather than hitting the correct figure and stopping.

    A: We are constantly working hard to improve our cook estimating algorithms. The more data we gather the better it gets, unfortunately it's still not perfect, certain activities such as reverse searing or direct heat grilling can confuse the estimator, but don't worry we'll still tell you to take the food off the heat in time!

    A: We would certainly recommend doing so. If you opt to keep the screen on during a cook it is always a good idea to plug your phone into a charger as keeping the screen on can be quite a power intensive process.

    A: We currently support anything from Android Lollipop (5.0) upwards! We also now have full support for Android tablets and high resolution devices too.

    A: Our 10-metre estimate is based on open air testing scenarios. In these scenarios, we have obtained ranges in excess of 100 metres, however a wide range of things can limit range, such as:

  • If your meat is particularly low to the floor in the oven you could try raising it up a shelf.
  • If you are using tinfoil, try piercing a hole in the tinfoil for your ambient antenna.
  • Try to make sure your phone isn’t laying on a metal surface, if possible place it in a phone stand.

  • If none of these work for you, you could always use an old phone to monitor the cooks and watch the progress on your main phone using Meater Link, or better yet upgrade to the MEATER Block and never have to worry about taking your phone too far from your oven/grill again!

    A: The internal sensor is located about 1/3rd of the way up the probe from the tip.